The FPS games provide a different kind of excitement to all players that is why many likes to play these kinds of games. In this time let us know the different FPS games that you can play freely.

Overwatch. This game is given a very good review and it is highly recommended if you want a game that is fast in the pace. You can be able to take a role that you want in the many choices that you can have. There is a role for everyone.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. this game has a history and every time they will give a new one it becomes better. So if you want a game that has been proven then you are highly recommended to try this game.

Doom. This game can let you kill all of the demons but you will meet a very challenging enemy.

Titanfall 2. If you want to play a game that is exciting as it is full of action then this is the one for you. You are not alone but with a rockstar robot.

Left 4 dead 2. If you want to play with zombies and brains then this game is for you.

Prey. This game lets you investigate a space that is full of aliens.

Super Hot. In this game, you can spend hours of fun together with your friends.

The other games that are also exciting and very fun letting you be the protagonists with their own style include Borderlands 2, Devil daggers, and the Bulletstorm.